The RESINATING® 20-Year Warranty

Resinating LLC® is pleased to be able to offer a 20-year Limited Warranty to its customers on each EIPI Technology Solution installed by Resinating LLC itself or by an Authorized Resinating Installer (ARI).

Resinating LLC is able to offer this Warranty on its EIPI Solutions due to many factors:

  • The inherent structural strength of Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners resulting from the proven capability of its manufacturing process,
  • The lack of porosity associated with Resinating fiberglass which is made with NO FILLERS.
  • The inability of chemical or biological contaminants to cause any damage to a Resinating Liner, and
  • The strength of Resinating’s Proprietary Bonding Agent which secures each Resinating Liner to the existing walls of the manhole, pipe or culvert creating a single, integrated structure that is 100% leakproof and stronger than the original manhole or pipe was new.

It is also worth noting that in addition to this Warranty, because of the qualities listed above, the expected useful life of a EIPI Solution is in the range of 100 years or longer.  Installing Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners using EIPI Technology is a good investment for any municipality or utility to make with total confidence.

The only major proviso to this Limited Warranty is that it does not cover any damage to a Resinating Liner due to movements of the earth whether those movements are caused by an earthquake, a landslide, a sinkhole, an explosion, an act of war or terrorism, vandalism or any other external force causing the Resinating Liner to fail.  Under the Warranty, Resinating LLC will repair or replace any failing component at no cost to the Owner.

It should be noted, however, that while we offer this standard 20-year Warranty without reservation in response to a Bid Solicitation, if a potential customer’s Bid Solicitation doesn’t have a comparable warranty requirement, but has one that is either shorter than or longer than Resinating LLC’s standard 20-year Warranty Period, Resinating LLC, at its sole discretion, may revise the Warranty Period for a particular bid to better conform to that warranty requirement in a bid submitted in response to that Bid Specification so that Bidders submitting bids based on a Resinating Solution can maximize their competitiveness consistent with the requirements of the Bid Specification issued by their potential customer.

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