Authorized Resinating Installers

The installation of Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners and its EIPI Technology requires a knowledgeable installation team that understands the processes involved and possesses the tools and expertise to complete the job in accordance with Resinating LLC’s Installation Specifications.

An Authorized Resinating Installer (ARI) is an organization with skilled teams, trained and supported by Resinating Installation Teams in the details of how to properly install Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology.

An organization that wishes to become an ARI, after signing an ARI Agreement that outlines its various responsibilities and obligations, identifies individuals to be trained by Resinating LLC so they are fully capable as installers of Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners and EIPI Technology. 

The training program consists of a combination of online, classroom and on-the-job training for the crew leadman and foreman on each of the ARI’s installation teams as well as training for a superintendent and a safety inspector to oversee multiple installation teams.  After the full cycle of training for each individual is completed, each individual will be Certified by Resinating LLC, enabling them to work independent of any onsite supervision by a Resinating Installation Team.

During the initial phase of their on-the-job training, those being trained will work closely with a Resinating Installation Team, first in support mode to the Resinating Installation Team and then in a leadership mode, overseen by a member of a Resinating Installation Team.

Once certified and operating independently, Resinating Support is always available.  Resinating Installation Team personnel are only a phone call or a plane ride away to deal with any unexpected issue that might arise on a job.  As projects are completed, we will periodically inspect the work of the ARI’s personnel because Resinating’s 20-Year Warranty not only warranties Resinating Products, it also warranties the workmanship of the ARI.

A General Contractor interested in becoming Authorized Resinating Installer can simply contact us at  Becoming an ARI should represent a major growth opportunity for General Contractors as Resinating’s EIPI Technology displaces the use of CIPP and SIPP in the rehabilitation of manholes and connecting pipes.