Authorized RESINATING® Installers


In order to qualify for RESINATING’s 20-year warranty on the parts used in a RESINATING Solution, each RESINATING Solution must be installed by an Authorized RESINATING Installer.

The installation of RESINATING Expansion Liners and other products requires a knowledgeable installer who understands the processes involved and possesses the tools and expertise to complete the job in accordance with RESINATING’s quality standards.

RESINATING will provide General Contractors interested in becoming Authorized RESINATING Installers with a comprehensive training program. It will cover the intricacies of the process for installing RESINATING products as well as the standards they are expected to meet.

Training will be provided for job foreman as well as key workman who do the hard work that provides the benefits municipalities and sewer system owners expect from their decision to install RESINATING Solutions. At the conclusion of that training, participants will be tested to ensure that they are ready for the tasks they will be performing.

The quality of the workmanship that Authorized RESINATING Installers provide is an important, ongoing focus for RESINATING.

General Contractors interested in potentially becoming Authorized RESINATING Installers should contact RESINATING at