Compared to Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology, everything else is a temporary fix!

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In the past,, decision makers in municipalities, at engineering firms and in General Contractors had several inferior choices to choose from as they addressed the challenges of rehabilitating manholes and connecting pipes. Their choices included the use of CIPP, SIPP, Trench & Replace and various other solutions. NOW, there is A Better Choice…Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology.

Resinating LLC’s patent on its Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners and the related process for installing them has created a true technological breakthrough that resolves all the issues when manholes and connecting pipes need rehabilitation. We call that technical breakthrough “Expand-In-Place Integration Technology” (EIPI).

The equivalent of “5G” for the rehabilitation of manholes and connecting pipes, Resinating’s EIPI Technology, is the next generation technology from every perspective.

  • EIPI Technology is trenchless…it can even renew collapsed pipes in many instances.
  • EIPI Technology is 100% leakproof and warrantied for 20-years.
  • EIPI Technology is strong, adding an unequalled level of structural integrity compared to any other rehabilitation option.
  • EIPI Technology has a useful life in excess of 100 years.
  • EIPI Technology is Environmentally Friendly.
  • EIPI Technology is Highly Cost-Effective

Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology – The GAME CHANGER for 2021 and Beyond

What do we mean by “Integration” and “EIPI Technology”?

We mean that when a Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liner is inserted into a manhole or pipe, and securely bonded it to the existing walls of that structure using Resinating’s Proprietary Bonding Agent, the result is a single, integrated, structural unit, one that is stronger than the existing structural unit was when it was new.

Another perspective on EIPI Technology. The photo on the left is of a finished section of 30” pipe, rehabilitated with Resinating Liners securely bound to the original walls. There isn’t a drop of water leaking even though the pipe is below the water table…that’s what leakproof means!

What about structural integrity? The righthand photo shows the results of an ASTM D7234 Pull-Test, where the Resinating Liner is secured to the concrete by a thin layer of Resinating’s Proprietary Bonding Agent. As increasing force is applied to the pull-plug, the first thing to break is the concrete! What other rehabilitation option can perform like this?

When a pipe is rehabilitated with EIPI Technology, it will perform reliably for decades to come.

Resinating’s EIPI Technology doesn’t just “line” an existing structure, it becomes an integral part of that structure!


…Are you and your team fully aware of the 45-year history behind Resinating LLC and the many benefits of Resinating’s EIPI Technology?
You can find links to those sections on The Better Choice Page.

…Are you and your engineering firm familiar with the publicly available data that calls out the likelihood of significant, ongoing infiltration following the installation of CIPP and SIPP options? See the CIPP link on
The Better Choice Page.

These are products that have a history of failure based on independent 3rd party data?

…If you relied on your engineering firm’s recommendation to use CIPP or SIPP and it fails to perform properly, are you prepared for the future costs that you will incur?

These future costs are avoidable when you use Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology to rehabilitate your manholes
and connecting pipes.

…Every engineering firm needs to stay up to date with Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology to keep its “Standard of Care” obligations current.

Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology Is The Better Choice…
…For rehabilitating manholes and connecting pipes!

Compared to Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology, everything else is a temporary fix!

Why? Because Resinating’s EIPI Technology Provides More Value than any other rehabilitation option!

Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology, Resinating LLC, Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners

  • The “About Us” tab talks to Resinating LLC and its roots as an offshoot of AFE, Associated Fiberglass Enterprises. Resinating LLC has partnered with AFE to manufacture and support the installation of Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology.
  • “The Better Choice” tab links to three different pages:
    • “The Resinating LLC Story – An Overview” is a 1-page summary that provides a brief overview of Resinating LLC and Resinating’s EIPI Technology.
    • “About Resinating LLC and its EIPI Technology” page provides more detailed information focused on Resinating LLC and Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners, the foundation of Resinating’s EIPI Technology, and can serve as a guide to website…many sections of the website are linked to in this page.
    • The Better Choice – Resinating’s EIPI Technology” page addresses the many of the benefits of EIPI Technology, ranging from explaining why EIPI Technology is hugely cost-effective in the benefits section on the page to comparing it specifically to Trench & Replace, CIPP or SIPP options. It also provides some insight into the history behind Resinating LLC. In the process, it develops why EIPI Technology and Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners are expected to become the dominant technology used to keep systems that carry liquids in good repair.
  • The “Products” tab provides a basic description of Resinating’s products which form the underpinning of its EIPI Technology.
  • The “Specifications and Tech Data” tab goes into greater depth on how we apply Resinating’s Expand-in-Place Integration Technology to the problems all municipalities and utilities face in maintaining their infrastructure. It includes a detailed narrative on the specifications for the installation of EIPI Technology in manholes and another for its installation in pipes as well as links to those specifications in CSI format. A third link provides detailed technical data related to Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners themselves including links to the testing laboratory’s reports. These tests include:
    • An ASTM C497 test on the strength of Resinating Liners vs Class III RCP as well one on Resinating Liners vs Hobas 46 and 72.
    • A “Pull Test” on a Resinating Liner bonded to a concrete slab.
    • An ASTM D790 test on Resinating Liners vs Hobas.
  • The “Installation Examples” tab has two videos and a slide set that shows how EIPI Technology is put to work on various projects.
  • The “Authorized Resinating Installer” tab speaks to how we value the opportunity to be the supplier to GC’s and to our commitment to train them to install EIPI Technology consistent with the quality Resinating LLC requires.
  • The “Warranty” tab provides the details on Resinating LLC’s unique 20-Year limited warranty.
  • The “In The Media” tab lists recent Press Releases.
  • Use the “Contact Us” tab to reach us with questions, request more information or a meeting. We will get back to you promptly.

When you come to understand EIPI Technology as we do…
…you will conclude as we have…
…that EIPI Technology is a true technological breakthrough!