Welcome to RESINATING LLC® – The Better Choice

Until now, decision makers in municipalities, at engineering firms and in General Contractors had several choices to choose from as they addressed the challenges that needed to be addressed including CIPP, SIPP, Trench & Replace and various slip liner solutions.

But now, there is A Better Choice…RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners.  RESINATING LLC recently approved patent represents a new technology focused on the continuing challenges that everyone faces in keeping their manholes and pipes in good repair, technology that is superior to anything that has come before it.

RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners are The Better Choice for repairing manholes and connecting pipes in wastewater, stormwater and fresh water systems as well as in many industrial situations.

Trenchless RESINATING Solutions provide a multitude of benefits including the following:

  • Eliminating the need for virtually all excavation, traffic congestion, hazardous waste removal, resurfacing and landscaping costs associated with Trench & Replace solutions.
  • Avoiding the health risks associated with styrene and various VOC’s that are released during the installation of CIPP.
  • Enabling repairs to proceed very quickly, lining most manholes or several hundred feet for most sewer pipes in a day.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint for sewer pipe and manhole repair work.
  • Saving significant sums upfront relative to a Trench & Replace solution.
  • Costing much less than a CIPP solution over the medium and longer term given the relatively short useful life of CIPP and its inability to full resolve I&I problems.
  • Reducing ongoing operating costs and additional repair costs by stopping all leaking and maintaining their structural integrity for their likely useful life of 100 years or more.
  • Providing a 20-year repair or replace warranty on the installed RESINATING Solution.


  • The “About Us” tab talks to RESINATING and its roots as an offshoot of AFE, Associated Fiberglass Enterprises.   RESINATING has partnered with AFE to manufacture and support the installation of RESINATING Solutions.
  • “The Better Choice” tab links to three important pages:
    • “The RESINATING LLC Story – Overview” page provides a brief overview of RESINATING LLC and RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners.
    • “The RESINATING LLC Story” page provides more detailed information focused on RESINATING LLC and RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners.
    • “The Better Choice – RESINATING Liners” page addresses many of the benefits of using RESINATING Liners relative to using Trench & Replace, CIPP or SIPP to renew and repair manholes and connecting pipes. It explains why RESINATING Liners are expected to become a dominant solution for keeping systems that carry liquids in good repair.
  • The “Products” tab provides a basic description of our major products.
  • The “Specifications and Tech Data” tab goes into greater depth on how we approach the application of RESINATING Solutions to the problems all municipalities and utilities face.  It includes a detailed narrative on the specifications for the installation of manholes, and another for the installation of sewer pipes. A third link details technical data related to RESINATING  Fiberglass Expansion Liners including links to reports from the testing laboratories. These tests include:
    • An ASTM C497 test on Resinating vs Class III RCP as well on Resinating vs Hobas 46 and 72.
    • A “Pull Test” on Resinating bonded to concrete.
    • An ASTM D790 test on Resinating vs Hobas.
  • The “Installation Examples” tab has a video and slide set showing the actual installation of RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners.
  • The “Authorized Resinating Installer” tab speaks to how we value the opportunity to be the supplier to GC’s and to our commitment to train them to install RESINATING’s Solutions consistent with the quality of the RESINATING’s products themselves.
  • The “Warranty” tab provides the details on RESINATING’s unique 20-Year limited warranty with its very few limitations.
  • The “Press Release” tab lists recent Press Releases.
  • The E-mail address on the “Contact Us” tab can be used to ask questions or request that future notices be sent to you.