The RESINATING® Product Line

Expansion Liners

The RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner as pictured below is one of the critical components of a RESINATING Solution and a central concept related to RESINATING LLC’s pending patent.

RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner has a likely useful life of 100 years or more, and is warrantied not to leak or fail for 20 years.

Unlike a slip liner, where the diameter is constrained by the narrowest part of the pipe, and is further constrained by the need to accommodate exterior collars, thus limiting the flow capacity and offering no additional structural integrity due to the fact that it is not bonded to the walls of the existing pipe or manhole, RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners have no collars and therefore don’t reduce the flow capacity in a pipe and greatly increase the structural integrity of the pipe or manhole at the same time while stopping all leaks.

RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners are typically cylindrical sections of fiberglass pipe but they can also be manufactured in a variety of shapes — oval, conical, rectangular, elliptical, domed, etc…whatever shape the project requires.

All RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners are custom designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of each project, be that to renew a pipe or to renew a manhole.

RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners are uniquely manufactured by winding a continuous strand of E-Class or better fiberglass, soaked in resin, around a mandrel.  No fillers are used in the manufacture of RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners and related products.  This fabrication process provides RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners with a superior level of strength compared to other options available.  RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners are also impervious to corrusion from the types of chemicals found in waste water and storm sewer systems.  See the Tech Data on the Specifications and Tech Data tab for lab reports on RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners. The resin used in manufacturing a pipe is matched to the environment in which it will be used, including high temperature resins and NSF/FDA approved resins for water mains.

RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners, after they are removed from the mandrel, are then cut axially so the two sides of the Expansion Liner can be compressed to fit inside each other.  This reduces the diameter of the Expansion Liner so it can fit easily inside a pipe or through a manhole opening.  Once in position inside the pipe or manhole, the Expansion Liner is expanded to securely fit to the sides of the manhole or pipe, the sides having been coated with RESINATING’s proprietary bonding agent.

In the case where a RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner is used to renew a manhole, this can normally be done without needing to remove the existing corbel.

Standard size RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners come in diameters ranging from 15” to 16’ for pipes or manholes.  Larger custom sizes can be manufactured as required.  A RESINATING Expansion Liner is typically 1/4” to 1/2” thick, but can be thicker, if needed, depending on the need for additional structural strength on the project.

  • For manholes, RESINATING Expansion Liners can be constructed to any depth required for a particular job, given that a permit is obtained for depths beyond 40’.
  • Pipe sections are typically 12’ in length but can be shipped in lengths up to 18’.
  • At standard thicknesses and diameters, RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners increase the structural strength of a pipe or manhole substantially.  On the 36” and 48” Class III RCP that we tested, the measured structural strength increased by 50% +/- and may, in fact, be even stronger.  In those tests, the test equipment reached its maximum pressure with NO CRACKS and NO SIGNS OF FAILURE appearing in the RESINATING Expansion Liners at 50% more pressure than RCP could handle.


When required to properly repair a manhole or when a new manhole is being installed, RESINATING Corbels provide the perfect solution to complete the job.

Designed and manufactured to fit securely on top of a RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner or conventional liner, a RESINATING Corbel has the strength to support the loads that are placed on the manhole cover day after day.

Made with the same high-quality fiberglass strands and resin as RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners, RESINATING Corbels are designed to last.

The Secret Sauce

The second critical component underlying RESINATING LLC’s pending patent is RESINATING’s proprietary Polymeric Flexible Bonding Agent.

It bonds to the walls of the pipe or manhole, sealing leaks and filling voids during the installation process, and then in combination with the RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner that is securely bonded to it, eliminates the continued inflow and infiltration of storm water into sewer systems.

Whether the RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner is being used to repair a failing concrete, fiberglass or brick sewer line or manhole, during the installation process the walls are coated with RESINATING’s proprietary, high-strength bonding agent, preparing the surface to receive the expanded Expansion Liners.

The bonding agent is provided by RESINATING at no additional cost to the Authorized Resinating Installer to eliminate any incentive on the part of an Installer to skimp on this key ingredient in the installation process.

Standard Manhole Liners & Manhole Structures for New Manholes

Standard Fiberglass Manhole Liners for manhole renewal and Fiberglass Manhole Structures for new manholes, available from RESINATING LLC, are manufactured in the same way RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners are.

Manhole Structures for new manholes, like the one with a full invert pictured below, are built to engineering specifications using the same technology that is used to manufacture the RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners.

These Manhole Structures are essentially fiberglass cylinders with a corbel on top that are lowered into a hole dug for the new manhole.  Depending on the engineering design, concrete is either poured around the base and the top with filler in between to stabilize the structure, or concrete is poured from the bottom all the way to the top in several layers to stabilize the structure.

Like RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners, these Manhole Structures for new manholes can be constructed to any depth required.

Standard manhole liners, two are pictured below, are typically cylinders used to renew existing manholes where the corbel has been removed for one reason or another.

These Standard Manhole Liners are also manufactured using the same technology that is used to manufacture the RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners.  After the corbel of the existing manhole is removed, the fiberglass liner is lowered into place inside the manhole.  The gap between the existing manhole and the liner is then filled with flowable concrete and a new corbel is installed on top.

The three principal advantages of a RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner compared to the standard manhole liners are:

  • The RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner is compressed so that it can fit into most existing manhole openings, avoiding the need to remove the existing corbel and then put things back together again.
  • The RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner is bonded to the existing walls with our proprietary bonding agent completely preventing future leakage.
  • The RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners, with their overall strength profile as shown in the C497 and D790 tests discussed in the tech data dropdown, provide a repair that significantly strengthens and existing manhole.

In Summary

RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners and their related products are designed and manufactured without using any fillers and use only high-grade fiberglass strands and resins, constructed in a manner that results in a totally leak proof and strengthened renewal of a manhole or connecting pipe such that they are stronger than when they were new.

With their 20-year warranty and a likely useful life of 100 years or more, RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners provide exceptional value in all situations. They are simply the superior solution when compared to other option available.  Whether one considers installing new RCP or fiberglass pipe, slip liners, or CIPP or SIPP linings, these options simply do not provide the benefits available from RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners.

Review all the benefits of the patent pending process associated with RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners on the The Better Choice Tab.

The Tech Data Link on the Specifications and Tech Data Tab provides documented test results on RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners.  These tests include:

    • An ASTM C497 tests on RESINATING vs Class III RCP as well on RESINATING vs Hobas 46 and 72.
    • A “Pull Test” on RESINATING bonded to concrete.
    • An ASTM D790 test on RESINATING vs Hobas.