Specifications and Technical Data –

for RESINATING LLC’s® EIPI Technology and Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners

The two links to the Specifications Pages below provide a lot of information on Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners and EIPI Technology as they are used to rehabilitate manholes and connecting pipes.  There are separate narratives on the specifications for manholes and pipes and in each of those separate sections, there is a link to a Specification Document in CSI format.

The third link below is to the Technical Data Page  which documents the technical statements made relative to Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners and EIPI Technology.  There are narrative sections relating to different lab tests that were performed. In each of those sections there are links to the original laboratory reports on the tests that have been conducted.

More information is available on request to clarify the specifications and technical data provided or to address any other questions that may arise.  Do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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