RESINATING LLC is the owner of a recently approved Patent for a new technology to renew and repair pipes and manholes in waste water, storm water and fresh water systems as well as pipelines and other industrial applications.  RESINATING is partnering with AFE, Applied Fiberglass Enterprises, to bring this next generation technological process to market.  What does “partnering” mean?

  • RESINATING, an independent company, owns the patent for RESINATING Solutions.
  • RESINATING is contracting with AFE as an Authorized Resinating Installer (ARI) and an Authorized Resinating Manufacturer (ARM). As RESINATING LLC expands its footprint, this model that exists with AFE will be replicated with additional highly skilled manufacturers (ARM’s) and very capable installation teams (ARI’s).
  • AFE, with its history going back to 1959, and RESINATING have a common ownership and management and are working closely together to make RESINATING Solutions a, if not the, dominant supplier of solutions used in repairing and renewing failing manholes and sewer pipes across the country. In our judgment and in the judgment of others who have been exposed to the patent, RESINATING Solutions are the next generation technology municipalities have been waiting for.

In addition to producing fiberglass products for manholes and pipes, AFE:

  • Produces custom fiberglass products ranging from the cows on the Chick-Fil-A billboards to Christmas decorations for Rockefeller Center and various highly technical solutions for governments and industries.
  • Is one of the largest manufacturers of Hurricane Proof Shelters in the country.
  • Has shipped 100’s of Metering Stations over recent years to the Trinity River Authority in Texas for use in their sewage treatment plants throughout Texas.
  • Invented the “slip liner” in the 1975 timeframe but unfortunately didn’t patent it. That won’t happen again and AFE has manufactured slip liners ever since. These slip liners, which have been warrantied for 20 years themselves, use the same high tech fabrication process that is used in manufacturing RESINATING Solutions…no claims have been filed on AFE’s slip liners since manufacturing began 44 years ago.
  • Has provided numerous NSF compliant storage tanks and pipes to dairies, water utilities and food processing organizations.

Key members of the Resinating management team include:

  • Jim White, the CEO of RESINATING LLC, who has been involved with fiberglass since 2003 when he became the co-owner and CEO of AFE,
  • Ed Rau, the General Manager of AFE and RESINATING as well as the co-inventor of the Pending Patent has been deeply involved in the fiberglass arena for more than 15 years, and
  • Cal Cordulack, a former IBM Executive, joined the RESINATING team and is involved in building the expanding organization as the Director of Business Development.