A solution for storm water infiltration into the Saint Paul Sewer System

Fort Worth, TX (August 15, 2019) – RESINATING LLC, the makers of a new and innovative solution for repairing manholes and sewer pipes, today announced that on Monday, August 12th, they repaired the first of many manholes in Saint Paul using their Patent Pending process. With the installation of a RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner in this 80-year old brick manhole, there will be no more leaking of storm water into Saint Paul’s sewers. This will save ongoing costs that Saint Paul incurs for treating the storm water at the sewage treatment plant. Importantly, the RESINATING Solution is a significantly less expensive way to repair leaking sewers than other traditional methods, saving Saint Paul substantial amounts of money up front and on into the future with the 20-year warranty from RESINATING…the good news is that it’s expected to last a lot longer than 20-years without allowing storm water to infiltrate the sewer system.

BEFORE: Water leaking through the 80-year old bricks into the waste water sewers, and it wasn’t even raining. Imagine what this looks like in a storm.

AFTER: A totally sealed manhole eliminating all the leaks seen in the “before” picture. The fiberglass expansion liner is warrantied for 20-years and expected to last much longer.

Mark Smith, City Superintendent, Saint Paul said this about the RESINATING Expansion Liners: “I’m glad we finally found a solution for repairing our aging manholes.”  Jim White, CEO of RESINATING LLC, said he is proud of the work that the RESINATING team did under the leadership of Ed Rau, RESINATING’s General Manager, as he expressed his pleasure with the emerging relationship with Saint Paul.  With the success of the RESINATING Solution in Saint Paul, he said that he anticipates that many of the neighboring towns, which share many of the same challenges that Mark Smith faced in Saint Paul, will be exploring the numerous benefits of RESINATING Solutions.