The RESINATING Product Line

Expansion Liners

The central component of the RESINATING Product Line and a critical concept related to the Pending Patent is the RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner.

Unlike a slip liner, which has a diameter constrained by the narrowest part of a sewer pipe that needs to be repaired, and is further constrained by the need to accommodate their exterior collars, RESINATING Expansion Liners are typically cylindrical sections of fiberglass pipe with no exterior collars.

All RESINATING Expansion Liners are custom designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of any job including manufacturing Expansion Liners that are oval, conical, rectangular or domed in shape.

The pipe sections are typically manufactured with continuously wound fiberglass strands on a mandrel to provide superior strength.  They are then cut lengthwise so that the two sides of the Expansion Liner can be compressed and positioned inside each other to fit easily in a sewer pipe or manhole. This enables the Expansion Liner to be easily slid into position inside a manhole or sewer pipe before it is released and expanded to fit securely in place within a pipe or a manhole, often without needing to remove the existing corbel.

Standard size RESINATING Expansion Liners range in diameter from 18” to 144” but can be larger if needed.  Pipe sections are typically 12’ in length but can be made up to 18.5’ long.  The thickness of the fiberglass pipes themselves is typically ¼” to ½” thick, but they can be thicker if needed, which is not a common situation.

Even at standard thicknesses, RESINATING Expansion Liners are 50% stronger than RCP and may, in fact, be even stronger.  In the tests that have been conducted to date, the test equipment reached its maximum pressure with NO CRACKS and NO SIGNS OF FAILURE appearing at 50% more pressure than RCP could handle. Can it reach 75% or more? Further testing will determine the answer to that question.


When required to properly repair a manhole or when a new manhole is being installed, RESINATING Corbels provide the perfect solution to complete the job.

Designed and manufactured to fit securely on top of a RESINATING Expansion Liner or Slip Liner, a RESINATING Corbel has the strength to support the intense loads that are placed on the manhole cover day after day.

Made with the same high quality fiberglass strands and resin as Expansion Liners, RESINATING Corbels are designed to last.

Slip Liners

RESINATING Slip Liners are the answer when new manholes are being installed.

While not recommended for the repair of existing sewer pipes and manholes for all the reasons that slip liners are inferior to RESINATING Expansion Liners, RESINATING Slip Liners are perfect for the installation of new manholes.

Made with the same high strength fiberglass strands and resin as a RESINATING Expansion Liner, RESINATING Slip Liners are designed to provide the same strength and durability as RESINATING Expansion Liners when new manholes are being constructed.

The Secret Sauce

RESINATING’s Polymeric Flexible Bonding Agents…the other key ingredient that is essential to providing the multitude of benefits that RESINATING Solutions offer. It seals leaks and fills voids during the installation process, eliminating the continued infiltration of storm water into sewer systems.

Whether the RESINATING Solution is being used to repair failing concrete or brick sewer lines or manholes, during the installation process the concrete or brick walls are coated with high strength epoxy resins that fill voids and seals cracks, preparing the surface to receive the expanded Expansion Liners. The epoxy is provided by RESINATING at no additional cost to the Installer to eliminate any incentive to skimp on this key ingredient in the installation process.

Once the walls are ready, the mechanism compressing the RESINATING Expansion Liner is released and the liner bonds to the epoxy. The seam in the Expansion Liner is then sealed as is the joint where one section of Expansion Liner meets the prior section. Slip liners cannot utilize this process and provide greatly reduced benefits as a result.

In Summary

RESINATING Expansion Liners, which are manufactured without using any filler, only strong fiberglass strands and resins, are totally leak proof…and provide an extended life. Other options which may include installing new RCP or fiberglass liners made with laid up fiberglass fabric and other fillers do not provide the long term benefits of a RESINATING Solution.

Built around the concept of the patent pending on the RESINATING Expansion Liner and related processes, RESINATING Expansion Liners are completely non-porous and totally resistant to chemical and biological corrosion. They can stop storm water from leaking into waste water pipes and manholes for years and years and are warrantied to do just that.

IT IS ALSO WORTHY OF NOTE, that RESINATING Expansion Liners in conjunction with the “Secret Sauce” can be used to repair failing fiberglass installations provided by other manufacturers.  There is no need to replace a sewer pipe or manhole just because a previous fiberglass installation from another manufacturer is failing. RESINATING Expansion Liners provide a low cost way to repair it, often saving a municipality 40-60% in upfront cost versus the cost of installing another alternative…and then there is the value of the 20-year warranty.

All of these benefits and more that are associated with the pending patent for RESINATING Solutions are exclusively available from RESINATING LLC.